Right Note

Director of Right Note Therapeutic Services Jimmy Lyons, currently works for an NHS Foundation Trust in south London across a number of clinical settings including work with under-5s, children & adolescents, and with adults presenting a wide range of abilities and needs.

Previous experience includes; Senior Therapist across three secondary alternative provision (pupil referral unit) schools in west London, in a hospital setting with teenagers with cancer, on an NHS neuro-rehabilitation ward, at a drug & alcohol crisis detox centre, in a children’s nursery, and in a music therapy centre with a diverse range of adult and child clients.¬†

Jimmy established Right Note Therapeutic Services in 2015 to provide music therapy services to educational, care, medical and charitable organisations in London and the south east. As well as offering sessions to private clients, staff training and development opportunities can also be designed and delivered to institutions.

In our everyday work as music therapists we see the benefits that music therapy can bring about in children and adults, and we are passionate about addressing the psychological, psycho-social and emotional needs of under-served populations in particular.

Right Note can provide a fully qualified music therapist to deliver a music therapy provision within settings, offering sessions to clients identified in liaison with staff in a supportive and collaborative working method. Therapeutic input supports the client at the intersection of their educational, health and emotional needs, and therapists are experienced in working with other professionals to best address clients’ needs.

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